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Owned by: Unowned (Mint this file, only VIP members can earn money per download.)
File Name(s): Model Type: 3d Model Model Format: GLB/GLTF suitable for metaverse Size: 3.28 MB Editable Yes Textures: Included Platforms: All metaverse platforms & 3d programs
Model Name: Tractor Detail: 3d model file named Tractor in toys category, ready to use, suitable for all metaverse platforms. Included all textures. Fully editable all 3d modelling programs like; 3dsmax, Sketchup, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Hexagon, Blender, Houdini, Mudbox, Modo, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Fusion 360, Rhinoceros, Wings3D, Substance Designer, Rocket 3F, Daz Studio, Sculptris, Vue.
93 downloads 8.153 Views

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