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3d Model for Metaverse Platforms

3d metaversea, 3D model library for every 3d metaverse platform.
Category Price
Rare 3D NFT 0.01
Remaining Time


Engineering Newcomer 2017 PRICE
Rechargeable Battery Bottle Model B VIP FREE
Engineering & Technology PRICE
Bay Bridge in Yokohama VIP FREE
Humans PRICE
Automotive PRICE
Challenges PRICE
Halloween Lantern VIP FREE
Decoration PRICE
Decoration 13 VIP FREE
Office PRICE
Scan 2 lux 33 jam 14 17 xyz VIP FREE
small windmill VIP FREE
Challenges PRICE
Confederate fighter Motorbike VIP FREE
Household PRICE
Steam iron VIP FREE



The 3d model library is a site for metaverse platforms, which is popular today. Thanks to this site, you will be able to create your own virtual world on the lands you own. All 3D models on this site have been prepared in accordance with metaverse platforms.

All 3d model content on this site. You can use it on all metaverse platforms. All VR, AR platforms. Axie Infinity, OVR, Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), Nakamoto (NAKA), Roblox, Epic Games, Mines of Dalarnia, Bloktopia (BLOK), HyperVerse, Krystopia, Splinterlands, Prospectors, Farmers World, Horizon Worlds, Ember Sword, Metaverse Construction Kit, Sorare, Illuvium, Second Life, Upland, My Neighbour Alice, Ertha, Shapes XR, Chain of Alliance, Rec Room, Somnium Space (CUBE), Ultra, Cryptovoxels, Metahero, Star Atlas (ATLAS), Stageverse, Spatial, PalkaCity, Metahero (HERO) etc.. It has been prepared in a format suitable for all of them. It is very easy to use. You can place it ready-made in your metaverse land with just drag and drop method.

The 3d metaverse site hosts hundreds of thousands of 3d model libraries. We charge a small fee to cover the hosting costs of this project. In this way, we want you to have better quality 3d models by enlarging our project. When you become our VIP member, you can benefit from all our projects unlimitedly.

First of all, when you become a member of the 3d metaverse site, you have an endless library where you can easily develop your own metaverse platform. You will also be a part of our RARE 3D METAVERSE project. You will be given one 3d model NFT free of charge.

Once you become a member of the site, you will gain lifetime usage rights. You only pay once. You will not be charged any fees in the future. In addition, as a member of our site, you will be a lifetime VIP member of our RARE 3D METAVERSE project.

This site is a RARE 3D METAVERSE project. When you become a VIP member of our site, you will have a lifetime partnership with this project. With the income model that we will develop soon, we are working to become a very large platform where our vip members can earn for a lifetime.